Dry Van Truckload

NAPA Transportation provides superior Dry Van Truckload service to the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Southeast, and now the Midwest Regions utilizing our fleet of late model Tractors and Trailers. Our customers rely on our logistics professionals to safely and efficiently handle their local, regional and specialized needs.

Our 24/7 customer service ensures peace of mind. Status updates on your shipment are available to you anytime day or night. State-of-the-art integrated satellite applications, real-time reporting and the latest technologies provide best in class transportation solutions to meet your every need.

Refrigerated Truckload

Whether your shipping needs are frozen products, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals or any other temperature sensitive product, you can rely on NAPA Transportation to provide a supply chain solution customizable to fit your temperature control needs.

Our late model temperature controlled trailers allow us to handle a range of protective classes for our customers including ambient, fresh, frozen & heated products in a Food Grade trailer. We’ve invested in the latest and best technology to ensure your product is protected and monitored at all times.

Dedicated Truckload

A dedicated fleet is ideal for shippers that move large volumes of freight multiple times per day.  Our team of professional drivers that will be dedicated to your company will offer you seamless and efficient service when you need it.  A dedicated team will can offer you the following:

  1. Consistent pricing that you can expect
  2. A team of professional drivers dedicated to your company
  3. Additional support for your team
  4. Peace-of-mind

Team Truckload

NAPA’s driver teams are designed to keep high value and expedited freight moving continuously while still adhering to safety standards.  Our dedicated 2-person teams take turns driving to ensure that your freight is there on-time and safe.  A team will offer these benefits:

  1. Faster deliveries
  2. Safer and more secure freight
  3. Alert drivers making safer roadways
  4. Happier drivers making safer roadways

Flatbed Services

NAPA utilizes flatbed trucks to haul items that require an open deck design due to their size or shape. Flatbed trailers can come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  The advantages of using a flatbed are:

  1. Ease of loading and unloading
  2. Space and flexibility
  3. Versatility

Jockey Services

NAPA offers day, night and weekend jockey services to help provide our customers with solutions to yard moving needs.  We can customize our services to support you and solve your yard management issues.