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Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the United States has made great progress improving air quality, cleaning up contaminated lands, and protecting our water resources.  We are doing our part!  NAPA is committed to investing in products that improve efficiencies, mitigate emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. Some examples include:

  • Idle Management & Reduction – All NAPA tractors are equipped with idle management features.  These features reduce overall emission levels.
  • Remote Refrigeration Control – Trailers maintain required temperatures without running continuously, except when necessary. This reduces overall emission levels.
  • Tractor Aerodynamics – NAPA has invested in both “Flow Below” and “Halo” technologies designed to reduce fuel usage by increasing MPG efficiency.
  • Trailer Aerodynamics – New reefer trailers have trailer skirts and tail fins to reduce wind resistance leading to decreased fuel consumption.
  • Tire Inflation Management – All new equipment additions have automatic air inflation systems to monitor and correctly inflate tires on both tractors and trailers. This reduces the amount of tire waste.
  • Our Richmond Shop has upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Our Mechanicsburg and Harrisonburg terminals have upgraded to energy efficient LED sensory lighting.
  • NAPA is compliant in refrigerant recovery and recycling by capturing refrigerant during repairs to prevent exposure to the atmosphere.
  • We properly manage waste oils for recycling.
  • All NAPA offices have paper recycling.

NAPA is a proud partner of US Environmental Protection Agency’s “EPA'” SmartWay program.  SmartWay enables companies across the supply chain to exchange performance data in ways that help businesses contribute to stronger and more competitive economy and healthier air for Americans. Since 2004, SmartWay has helped partners avoid emitting 134 million tons of air pollution, which helps protect the environment and keep Americans healthy.

In 2019, one of our drivers asked if he could use his time and truck to move wreaths to cemeteries across the east coast in honor of American Heros.  NAPA happily agreed and we have been involved with Wreaths Across America since.  Our presence with wreath delivery grows stronger and stronger every year.

Let’s all make sure we are doing our part!