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NAPA Transportation, Inc. successfully operates superior truckload services to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest Regions.

NAPA is large enough to be competitive with appreciable capacity, but small enough to have visibility of EVERY SINGLE LOAD. We’re committed and genuine when we say; we CARE about our customer’s freight.  Simply put — we are a value added solutions provider that brings our customers peace-of-mind to safely and efficiently handle their local, regional and specialized needs.

Not only that, but NAPA utilizes the latest tracking and monitoring technology including:

  • Real-time Tractor and Trailer Tracking
  • Automatic Positioning Alerts
  • FreightWatch Active Monitoring
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Real-time Remote Temperature and Machine Control

Check out all of our truckload services, brokerage services and equipment sales and give us a call at 717-920-9840 to learn more.