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Our number one priority is to protect our drivers, the motoring public and our shippers’ product from harm. Our safety culture comes from a deep commitment to continuously improve our processes, our equipment, and most importantly our people.  We only hire the most qualified drivers, maintain the best equipment, and utilize the latest technology in our effort to achieve zero accidents and incidents within our fleet.


We employ various tools and technologies in our ongoing efforts to keeping our CSA scores low, preventing accidents, and reducing on the job injuries. Some of the tools we employ are:

The SmartDrive program helps improve driving skills and protect against fraudulent claims. SmartDrive is intended to promote a positive, closedloop communication that recognizes both good driving skills, as well as identifies risky maneuvers that are opportunities for improvement. The system consists of an inward and outward-facing cameras and senors that are triggered by certain events on the road.

The Smith System is a series of interlocking techniques to prevent crashes. The concepts help drivers see, think, and act their way through various driving environments, challenges and changes that exist regardless of where they travel or the vehicles they operate. The Smith5Keys apply to all types of driving conditions, making the training effective from the highways of Los Angeles to the roads of India.  If the proven success of the Smith System philosophy could be defined in a single word, it would be “prevention.” While it’s true some crashes are inescapable, the vast majority of crashes each year are preventable with the right skills.


The Best Fleet training available, period.  ITI has delivered more than 11 million PRO-TREAD online training courses in the past twenty years, averaging more than 120,000 PRO-TREAD courses a month. The reason: we take a quality approach to online training.  PRO-TREAD online training works on computers, tablets, and smartphone devices via the free driver training app for iOS and Android. With PRO-TREAD, drivers take training anywhere in the country.