NAPA is a Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation

NAPA Transportation, Inc. (NAPA) has made the list of “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation” by the Women In Trucking Association. The award was created by the Women in Trucking Association to highlight companies focused on the employing women in the trucking industry. Key determining factors for the award include company culture, diversity, compensation and benefits, professional development, and career advancement opportunities.

NAPA’s Key Factors

At NAPA, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer with policies in place, such as Anti-Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention, to create a safe working environment for everyone. We have an Open-Door Policy that encourages all employees to discuss any issues and participate in decisions affecting them. Our Family and Medical Leave of Absence and Maternity Leave employees are supported; and we offer lactation accommodations for our working mothers. NAPA offers an Employee Assistance Program that provides a confidential counseling service to assist our employees in resolving emotional difficulties, family conflict, stress, chemical dependency, work conflicts, etc.

Moving Forward

Over the next year, our leadership team will work to continue to make NAPA a top company to work for. Our mission is “to provide our Drivers with the very best employment experience available in the industry; provide our customers with value-added solutions; operate a best-in-class safety organization and continue our history of growth for NAPA Transportation Inc., all of our employees, and the families they work to support”. Despite changes and challenges in the industry, we will continue to remain true to our employees and or customers.