Thank you, Drivers and Technicians!

In light of this novel time, the team at NAPA Transportation, Inc. appreciates the commitment and sacrifices that all of the frontline workers have made and are continuing to make every day.  Thank you to anyone who has soldiered on during this unfamiliar time.  On the road, in hospitals or stores, or staying at home, we are all in this together and we will make it through.


April 3, 2020

To: NAPA Professional Drivers & Technicians:

As Pennsylvania and many other states have begun to extend and enforce stay-at-home orders for non-essential persons & businesses, it has become clear that the time required to defeat this COVID-19 virus will be significant. It will take some time before people are able to return to work and get back to what they would consider their ‘normal’ lives.

During this unprecedented time, NAPA Transportation Inc., is very fortunate to be an essential infrastructure company. This designation allows us to keep our jobs & continue to support our families — at a time where millions of others are not able to do the same.

While we are grateful to be essential, we are not immune to the risks of the COVID-19 virus. The most important thing we can do as critical infrastructure workers is to stay healthy so that our ability to perform our critical duties does not become limited.

NAPA has and will continue to take every precaution possible to provide a safe working environment for all employees during this pandemic. While much of our office staff is now working remotely from home – Our staff of Professional Drivers & Technicians have continued to show up in the field, on the front lines, daily.

Your job does not allow you to work from home. You have taken on this challenge of delivering these critical need items and services while putting your own health at risk to get the job done.

To show our appreciation of these team-members who continue to be at the forefront of our operation amidst the uncertainty of Coronavirus… NAPA TRANSPORTATION, INC. WILL BE ISSUING A $250.00 APPRECIATION BONUS TO ALL NAPA DRIVERS & TECHNICIANS.

Thank you all so much for what you are doing for NAPA Transportation, your families, and our country.

We appreciate you!

Nic & Ron

Are you a driver looking to take on this challenge with us?  Check out our positions and apply here to get started today.